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SUP Yoga - Swap your mat 
for a paddleboard


Yoga in Connection with the Nature     

The nature has many sounds to offer.

Birds sing, the water ripples, fishes jump out of the water, the wind blows...

With SUP Yoga we have the sky and the stars right above us,

We are floating on the water in a beautiful meditation and relaxation.

Just in harmony with the nature.


Asanas and Breathwork

The fresh air helps us diving into a calm meditative breath flow,

we are calming down our monkey-mind and strengthening our lungs.

This preparation makes us ready for the Yoga practice on the paddle.

Yoga is for Everyone

you don't have to be skilled on the SUP or in Yoga.

That's my job, I will explain everything step by step to make you feel comfortable.

I offer options for each level.



The Asanas on the paddleboard are perfect to train the balance,

(which trains the right and left brain’s hemispheres)

The balance postures are activating the deep core muscles which are rarely used,

Yoga is good for a healthy back, a healthy spine, relaxed shoulders and neck,

it has a preventive effect against arthrosis and helps to get a strong immune system…

Yoga is not Gymnastics and it is Not a Challenge

Everyone is individual :

we all have different talents and weaknesses that we can work on.

Yoga has a very special Cosmic-Power

Be proud of you and try the best you can in this particular moment.